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Leader(s): Nathanos Blightcaller
Sub-Leader(s): Master Apothecary Faranell and Sharlindra
Affiliation: Royal Apothecary Society and the Forsaken Army
Available Classes: Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Rogue

After recapturing the City of Lordaeron, and living within the caverns beneath it, the Forsaken requested to join the Horde. The Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls all agreed that the Forsaken should not be allowed, and so they did not become a part of the Horde, seeing as it was an abhorrence to many of the races. Continuing their battle with their scourge on their own, they stumbled upon the Sin'dorei, while fighting their way from the Eastern Plaguelands into the Ghostlands. The Sin'dorei were wary of the Forsaken at first, but with many of their ranks being fallen High Elves, and their Banshee Queen being the old Ranger General Sylvannas Windrunner, an alliance was forged between the two. Their efforts against the scourge continued on, and the two races found that they had much more in common then both originally believed.

Their partnership was tested when a rift appeared within the Ghostlands, and Etherals began to swarm upon Tranquillen, the neutral grounds between the Forsaken and the Sin'dorei. With the Etherals being too strong, the Forsaken forces within Tranquillen retreated back to the Undercity to ensure more aid for the Sin'dorei. With the Foraken Army enroute the Quel'thalas, the Sin'dorei were successfull in repelling the Etheral swarm, and began to track the source themselves. Upon the combination of their forces, the tracking of the source became much easier, and it was soon discovered that the epicenter of the rifts was the Sunwell itself. The large force of Forsaken and Sin'dorei sailed upon the Isle of Quel'danas to find the Scourge and Burning Legion that had been present was now replaced by Etherals.

Finding a way to fight to the very core of the Sunwell, they found a massive rift occupying the area. It was stable, and the Magi, as well as the rest of their forces, approached the rift to ensure that the Magi could work without threat of Etherals pouring through. The Sin'dorei and Forsaken Magi began to work on the massive rift, and within moments the rift became unstable. It began to pull those within the room into it, and the attempt to seal it indefinitely failed. The pull of the rift being too strong, they were inevitably pulled through.

Emering on a new planet was unsettling for both the Sin'dorei and the Forsaken. They decided that they would have to remain together in the hopes of trying to survive. The new world sparked curiosity in the minds of the Forsaken, to some there may be a cure for undeath in the strange new world, and there may also be a way to make the ultimate plague, one that would strengthen the Forsaken tenfold.


The Forsaken:
Many of the Forsaken wish to return back to Azeroth, but the fact of the matter being that they are on a new world possess many opportunities to gather further knowledge and understand of herbs, as well as their current condition. Unknowing of whether or not there is a cure for undeath, or the means to increase their numbers and power, the Forsaken remain intrigued.

The Grand Apothecary Society:
Their original goal back on Azeroth being to create a plague that would wipe out all life, including those who are undead, they are occupied with seeking out the various flora and fauna of the new world to further such a goal. Their loyalty still with the Dark Lady, they do wish to return to the Undercity, but with less haste than others.
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