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Leader(s): Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem
Sub-Leader(s): Sergeant Thunderhorn
Affiliation: Confederated Tribes of Tauren and the Cenarion Circle
Available Classes: Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior

Having only left the nomadic way of life only a few years ago, the Tauren have settled into their new homeland well. Their large city of Thunder Bluff becoming a testament to how the Tauren have grown as a race, as well as a civilization. Being stalwart allies with the Orcs, the Tauren have become depended upon by the Horde, and their powerful warriors are often on the frontlines, fighting against the Alliance. Although having no quarrel with many of the races they are engaging, except for the High Elves, the Tauren only do so because of their strong relationship with the Orcs. Becoming a part of the Cenarion Circle, the Tauren are also ensuring that nature is being preserved, and are working with the Night Elves, whom they look upon with awe.

Peace was shattered in Mulgore when a rift opened just outside of Bloodhoof Village. The Braves there put up a strong fight when Etherals began to appear from the rift and attack anyone nearby. They eventually killed off all of the arcane beings, and the combined forces of the present Druids and Shamans worked together to close the rift. Words was immediately sent to Thunder Bluff, where they began to organize groups to combat the Etherals if anymore rifts appeared while the Elder Council looked into the issue. Not after long were more rifts appearing across Mulgore, but also in the Barrens and much of Kalimdor. Seeking aid with the Orcs, it was discovered that the Orcs and Trolls within Durotar were suffering the same troubles.

After receiving word from the Cenarion Circle that the source of the rifts was the World Tree, and that their aid was needed to help stop the rifts that were appearing within Night Elf territory as well, they informed the Orcs and Trolls. A large war party was formed, and moved to Hyjal with great speed, to ensure that the small forces left behind to withstand the Etherals pouring through the rift didn't have to for much longer. It didn't take them long to reach Mount Hyjal and the World Tree Nordrassil, only having to fight a small amount of Etherals on the way there.

Arriving in Hyjal did not go smoothly with the Night Elves who had rushed to the aid of Nordrassil, and tensions began to arise due to the long history between the Orcs and Kal'dorei. The two war parties could not come to blow because of a massive rift that formed over the Well of Eternity. A mass of Etherals swarmed out, and the combined forces fought them to fiercly protect the World Tree, and eventually defeated them. The rift began to pull the defenders in, however, and within moments they found themselves on the surface of a new land, all of them sucked through the rift.

With the departure of the Night Elves from their immediate area, the Tauren remained with the Orcs. The Overlord who seized control after the dissapearance of Saurfang troubled the peaceful Tauren, and they eventually split to follow those who looked for the Orc leader who should be commanding those trapped on the new, strange world. Now under the guidance of their Archdruid, and Sergeant, there is no telling what path the Tauren will take, or what they will do in order to survive.


The combined tribes as a whole wish to return to Thunder Bluff, and seek a way to return to Azeroth. Many of the Druids wish for the same, but seeing as there is a new planet and flora to search through, their curiosities for the link between natural worlds may have them wish to stay longer than others. Most important of all their goals, is to establish a base, and to follow the wisdom of their Archdruid. Seeing as they are accompanying those Orcs searching for High Overlord Saurfang, the thought of going their own way and establishing a base camp for their Orc allies to return to if they succeed lingers on their minds.
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