Dormant Fable of the Titans
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Leader(s): Sentinel General Shandris Feathermoon
Sub-Leader(s): Commander Mar'alith
Affiliation: Sentinels and Cenarion Circle
Available Classes: Druid, Priest, Warrior, Hunter, Rogue

Having lost the World Tree, and their immortality, in the recent conflict, the Night Elves have been fiercly protecting their lands from anyone daring to enter. Their hated enemy, the Orcs, continue to enroach into Ashenvale, as the two continue to fight over the ancient forests. Seeing as their age, as well as knowledge, causes them to look down upon the younger races, they have no close bonds with many of the races within the Alliance, to whom they have become a part of. Now living on the massive tree-island of Teldrassil, the Night Elves continue to shun the Arcane Arts from their society, while ensuring that nature is protected at all costs. Focusing inwards, and continuing to be self-reliable, the restoration process continues within Hyjal, as well as within all of the Night Elf lands still recovering from the corruption of the Burning Legion during the Third War.

The restoration, and war on the Warsong Clan, going mildly well, the Night Elves were shocked when a small rift opened within the heart of Teldrassil. When etherals began to pass through the rift, the Sentinels and Druids began to combat them, attempting to close the rift in which the arcane beings were coming from. With several more appearing within their closely guarded forests, High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind decided to send a combined Sentinel-Druid force to investigate the source of such rifts. The Druids, being from the Cenarion Circle, were quick to discover that the source was from the Well of Eternity. Seeing as the World Tree was the source of their immortality, and was placed there to protect the Well from having a phenomenon such as that, the Night Elves dispatched their forces to the World Tree, while warning the Cenarion Circle of such and asking for aid from not only the Night Elves within the Circle, but also the Tauren, seeing as Nordrassil needed as much protection as possible within the eyes of the Night Elves.

The aid that the Tauren brought infuriated the Night Elves. Not knowing that the rifts were also affecting all of Azeroth, the Night Elves expected only the Druids of the Tauren to come to Nordrassil. Instead, the other races of the Horde, the Orcs and the Trolls, were brought with the Tauren, seeing as they were being affected by the rifts. Deeply enraged, the Night Elves nearly came to blows when a massive rift opened above the Well of Eternity. Etherals poured through, and the Night Elves and Horde drew their attention from their own tensions, and protected Nordrassil as best they could. The battle continued, and the Etherals were being beaten back, and as the last of the Etherals fell, the rift began to pull the defenders through.
Not being able to resist the massive force of the rift, the Night Elves and the Horde were pulled through. Emerging in a new land, the Night Elves' deep seated hatred overshadowed their immediate danger. Being outnumbered, and having suffered losses in the recent battle at Nordrassil, they quickly retreated from the area. Searching for an area to set up a temporary camp, the Sentinels and the Druids of the Cenarion Circle agreed that their main priority would be returning back to Azeroth.

The Night Elves, cut off from Azeroth, worry about their lifespan, and what effects the new environment will have on them. Continuing to be unstrustworthy of the Arcane Arts, with none of the Night Elves having an ability to study Ley Lines, they have no real understanding of where in correspondance to Azeroth they are. Seeing as they have limited numbers, and do not have the knowledge of what their surroundings are like, they are even more so wary of outsiders than originally. The Night Elven Druids within the Cenarion Circle are more so interested in studying the life of the planet, as well as attempting to reach Azeroth by means of the natural world, although it may not be possible at all. Hope that Elune will guide them, and is still watching over them is still on the minds of many.
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