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Leader(s): Siege Engineer Quarterflash
Affiliation: Alliance Army
Available Classes: Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior

Gnomeregan, still yet to be liberated and returned to the gnomish people, has remained on the minds of the gnomish people ever since their loss of the city. Although desperately wanting to recover the city with the aid of their allies, the dwarves,they still remain loyal to the Alliance, and have found themselves called to battle during dark times. Their ingenuity knowing no bounds, the gnomish people understand why they are needed by the Alliance, and see it as an opportunity to repay their dwarven allies for their hospitality and agreement to help return Gnomeregan to them. Such times have been stressful for the gnomes, but nevertheless they continue to serve the Alliance as Engineers and Siege Conductors.
Sharing a homeland with the dwarves in the snowy mountains of Dun Morogh, the gnomes have lived in relative piece within such lands. All of that changed when a rift opened just outside of Karanos, and etherals began to swarm the small village. The defenders put up a fight, while an emergency message asking for aid was sent to Ironforge. The dwarves, along with several gnomish Magi, were quick to leave from their city and rush towards Karanos. Still standing, although their makeshift barricades and defenses crumbling, the reinforcements from Ironforge jumped into the fray. Successfully beating back the etherals, the Gnomish Magi quickly found the rift, and closed it before any more etherals could come through.
With King Magni Bronzebeard deciding that the rifts were a danger, after another small one appeared in Coldridge Valley, enlisted the aid of the Gnomish Magi to track the source of the rifts and to hopefully stop them from appearing. Gnomish Engineers, Magi, and a small regiment accompanied the dwarves in seeking out the danger. Receiving news that Dun Morogh wasn't the only area being affected by such rifts, and that the Humans of Stormwind were also under attack, they met up with their allies in Duskwood. Continuing to track the source, they found Karazahn.
Forming camps, and attempting to discover exactly why the rifts were appearing by closing studying the ruins, a massive rift appeared. The power behind the rift began to pull the Alliance forces through. Any resistance being futile, all were sucked through the rift, and were soon within a strange, new world. Their supplies, and all the tents that had been pitched came with them, although they were haphazardly strewn across the area. With no way back, and no return to their people for the time being, the gnomes decided to remain with their allies, helping them as usual, and elected Siege Engineer Quarterflash to lead them through, what would undoubtedly be, dark times.

The Gnomes, of course, wish to return home and aid their people in liberating Gnomeregan. Due to their curious nature, though, the Gnomish people also wish to explore the land in which they have come to be within, and to search for something new to discover. Due to their ingenuity, and love for tinkering, they hope to find new metals to work with, and to hopefully increase their technological advancements. Unknowing of what lies in the world around them, it is of die importance to them to stay with the Alliance for the time being, unless if their Dwarven allies break apart from the humans, in which case they will go with their stalwart allies.
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