Dormant Fable of the Titans
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 So, here we are... Dormant Fable of the Titan.

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So, here we are... Dormant Fable of the Titan. Empty
PostSubject: So, here we are... Dormant Fable of the Titan.   So, here we are... Dormant Fable of the Titan. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 12:49 am

So, this is just the introduction thread.

Here's the background on the project of which we've established:

Medivh's final death caused an arcane spike release, dying in his tower. Laying nestled directly onto a ley-line caused a release spike of arcane energy that was only amplified by the ley-line. Through some strange event, it created rifts, that itself was powerful enough to open it not only at the tower, but soon quickly folliowing, Azeroth itself.
Magic-users alike began to study the effects due to odd etherals popping in from the portals, attacking both Horde and ALliance settlements alike, killing people of any species, no specific prejudice.
So began the war which lead both Horde and Alliance armies to Medivh's home, in the Deadwind Pass.
The magic itself had been contained to the tower, and the tower only, although deaths or disappearances had already happened prior to the event itself of the rifts popping into existance. Suddenly, the rift itself at the tower, grew large enough to engulf the small destroyed town and everyone in it. Both Horde and Alliance armies at the tower taken to the location of which the rift teleported them to, specifically.
A new world, an ancient testing ground for Titans.
It was abandoned specifically due to an old war between Old Gods and Titans themselves.
Titan technology had been left behnd; abandoned, no signs of alive Titans but the technology left behind, and the old remnants of the Old God corpses remain, in a world full of vibrant resources that itself didn't even remotely compare to Azeroth: A treasure trove.

Yes, it may have some grammatical errors, but it was written hastily. We're still a small team, so I'll be open about what I am and what I know and my abillities in general.

Here are some Youtube links to some builds on which were done for the project awhile ago and will need to rebuilt from scratch:

The overall intention of this serevr is to achieve an immersive roleplaying setting bent on the players with some mechanics to serve them and serve as tools necessary to produce the environment of which is to be enjoyed for the roleplay itself.

A resource system will be in place-- Wild resources, for people to take control of, in the world itself. Whether it be mining precious metals or cutting down wood and producing fire or simple tents.

This server is bent on one ane thing only-- Total player decision.
The fallability of other environments and settings that have been produced have not properly made the experience, "personal" of which is supposed to make the roleplay enjoyable in the first place, to make it immersive, and the best experience that itself could be.
With making things bent on players ultimately, it may produce a community which has good, sustainable, social roleplay, and action to boot, and politics.

We will not wipe players nor wipe the lore.
There is no beta.
Only, the "building" phase of which we work on the server, and then we skip right into the roleplay.

As it should be. Just calling it otherwise is silly.

This is Warcraft.
Let's put the war into the world.
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So, here we are... Dormant Fable of the Titan.
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